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How to Conquer Processes and Scale Your Business


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I have been focused on scaling since I read Michael Gerber's, The E-Myth Revisited, and Verne Harnish's, Scaling Up, but have struggled to put their tips in to action.  This week, I focus on some of their strategies.

For both of my businesses, it is important for me to develop processes that scale, so that I can delegate tasks to individuals within the organization chart.  I focused this week on developing my organization chart for the businesses, and then filled in each role's description or processes.  I then assigned each role with my name so that at least on paper, I can see I am accountable for those processes.  As I worked through this exercise, I could see roles that I could start delegating to other people (hiring a virtual assistant), or tasks that could be delegated for one time jobs (see: www.taskrabbit.com).

Ultimately, as Gerber discusses in his book, the goal of any small business is to create repeatable processes that can scale, and that can essentially be replicated by multiple people.  This can be accomplished by creating processes so that they are clear and simple.  After brainstorming, and researching tools that could help with this, I decided to use ScreenCastOMatic to help with these processes.  Each day this week, I turned on the program, and screencasted my process as I accomplished the task.  This way, I can break each process down by the organization chart, and share with those I hire along the way.

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