Automation Resources


Automated Scheduling

I use programs like Acuity Scheduling* to automate my scheduling. This way I do not need to send multiple text messages or emails back and forth with others. I just send the link, which is directly connected to my calendar and syncs right to my phone so I never miss an appointment!


Automated Groceries

Every week I order my groceries from a service such as Instacart.* I use their app to schedule and order, and my groceries are there the next day saving time. I can choose from many different grocery stores in my area, so if I am partial to a particular brand I can make sure I still get the food I love!


Automated Finances


I use programs like FreshBooks* to automate my finances. FreshBooks automatically connects to my bank accounts so I can automate my books an always know where I stand financially and with my budget. This also is super helpful at tax time, because as long as everything is synced, I can send a simple spreadsheet to my accountant with all of my paperwork and I am set to go!


Automated Travel


When I want to travel, I always check Google Flights first for when it is cheapest to go. Once I find the cheap dates, I then head to a site like Expedia where I can compare flights, rooms, and car rentals! With everything in one place, I don’t need to go to multiple sites!


Automating Everything Else

It is not a secret that I use Amazon* for everything else. With Prime membership, I get Free Shipping, sometimes same day. I use Amazon for gifts, movies, books, clothing, and anything else I need in my day to day life!

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